Maris B.V.


MARIS provides a wide range of webbased services. These services can be divided in the following categories:

  • Consultancy in data management systems and infrastructures
  • Development and operation of data management systems
  • Website design and development
  • Mobile website design and development
  • Apps design and development
  • Web services development
  • Integrating dynamic databases and interfaces
  • Integrating dynamic geographic mapping services
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Newsletters (design, creation and batch emailing)
  • Posters and leaflets (design and creation)

These services are performed on the basis of an extensive network of contacts with organisations managing data, information & expertise, in the fields of oceanography, marine environment, marine geology, water management, offshore industry, dredging industry, coastal zone management , energy legislation, tourism and recreation, nationally and internationally.
In addition, MARIS operates in a large international network of experts in IT, ISO, OGC and W3C technical standards.

To fulfill its tasks MARIS is skilled in information analysis and development of information systems for acquisition, storage, analysis, presentation and dissemination of marine, environmental and other data (mostly) via Internet. Furthermore MARIS is skilled in 'building bridges' between data producing / holding organisations and end users using information technology.

MARIS is involved in many projects for a major part funded by the European Commission. These projects can be checked through the 'projects portfolio'. MARIS has also developed many websites. An overview of current websites can be found in the 'websites portfolio'.