Maris B.V.

Marine and Ocean Data Management

MARIS is highly involved in developing and operating Marine and Oceanographic Data Management services and networks on a pan-European scale. We are participating as coordinator or technical coordinator or as partner in a range of EU-funded projects aiming at harmonising and standardising discovery and access to marine and ocean data as well as at generating and publishing pan-European data products. In these projects MARIS is playing a significant role in the development of technical infrastructures and long-term strategies for wider use of oceanographic and marine data and sustained operation.

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Publisher of Law Journals

Since 2003 MARIS is active as electronic publisher for two highly respected peer-reviewed online journals and associated discussion fora. Together with a partner and a large network of legal experts from around the globe we publish:
  • Transnational Dispute Management (TDM) / OGEMID - An innovative information service on the management of international disputes.
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Law (OGEL) / OGELFORUM - A comprehensive information service with focus on oil-gas-energy law, regulation, treaties, and judicial and arbitral cases.

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Transnational Dispute Management
Oil, Gas and Energy Law
Transnational Dispute Management
Oil, Gas and Energy Law

Responsive website and app development

MARIS has a long experience in developing, hosting and maintaining websites. Websites are no longer being visited only using desktop computers. More and more users visit websites and Apps via their smartphones and tablets. Therefore MARIS is very skilled in developing responsive (mobile) websites and Apps supporting multiple platforms and screen resolution. The content can be managed using our own Content Management System which will be customised per website or App and which can include various additional functionalities. As another specialty we can offer a range of dynamic map solutions (e.g. maps with data locations, POIs, hiking tracks) including OGC services integrated in (mobile) websites and Apps, both for scientific and recreational purposes.

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